About Us


What we Believe

 • The Gospels are eyewitness testimonies that tell us about God, God's grace, and how love transformed lives and communities.  

 • Scripture is God inspired, honored, faithfully questioned and struggled with.

 • We are a community that affirms and believes in the Apostle's and Nicene Creed
• We are co-creators of liturgy, both beauty and theology matter in worship. 

 • We provide a bridge from the modern world to the traditions of the church  

Our Denomination

We are Anglicans! Which means we are part of the Anglican Church of Canada. 

We belong to the Anglican Diocese of Ontario. 

But we have lots of people from a variety of denominations who worship with us.

 Reverend Noel and Reverend John are Anglican enough for all of us! 

Our Christian Demographics

There are married couples, some young families, Baby Boomers, and some over 90!

Our Worship Life

 We worship liturgically, but are creative in its use.  We also sing the hymns, and contemporary music. So we're a mix of ancient tradition and contemporary worship. Innovation is welcome but we believe it is our traditional worship that keep us grounded in a rapidly changing world.

About Our People

Our Pastor

Our Executive Team

Our Pastor


Rev Noel came to our Church in 2017. He has a passion for mission and discipleship. He strives to create a liturgical worship community that is alive and engaging for all. He is a member of the stewardship committee in our Diocese and is the Chair of the Kingston Community Chaplaincy. He holds an MDiv from Tyndale Seminary.

Our Deacon

Our Executive Team

Our Pastor


  Reverend John Morrison was ordained as a Vocational Deacon in November 2016. He conducts many services at Briargate Retirement Facility in Amherstview.  He is actively involved in Veterans' issues and is a Chaplain at Legion Branches as well as Zone and District levels.  He is a facilitator for Grief Bereavement at the Napanee Hospital.

Our Executive Team

Our Executive Team

Our Executive Team


Our People's Warden is Holly Adam

Our Rector's Warden is Linda French

Our Treasurer is Doug Noiles.

Our executive team works tirelessly to build our church community, transforming lives, and are truly pillars of our church.

Our Council

Our Altar Guild

Our Executive Team


Our council is our advisory body, advising the pastor, deacon and executive committee in all matters relating to the church. They are a treasure!

Our Choir

Our Altar Guild

Our Altar Guild


Our Choir is led by our Director of Music Margie Aud. 

You should hear them sing! 

They bring joy through song and music. Our Choir is one of a kind!

Our Altar Guild

Our Altar Guild

Our Altar Guild


Why does the church look amazing every sunday? It's because of these wonderful people! 

They set up the Holy Table and keep us on track with the liturgical colours.

Vestry Documents

2019 Vestry Report (pdf)